The "partnership by design" is one of the two methods (with "priority given to non-sovereign actors") for the implementation of the Agence française de développement (AFD) Group's strategic project for 2018-2022, "completing a project approach with a partner approach". It is also in line with the French vision of renewing development and international solidarity policy.

The "partnership by design" is based on the AFD Group's extensive experience in collective action, with French actors, with its peers and the European Union, with other development partners, and finally with actors who do not operate in the development sphere (companies, financial sector, etc.).

Affirming its specificity in the concert of major bilateral (JICA, KFW,...) or multilateral donors with whom it will continue its intense collaboration, the AFD Group will focus in particular on five specific dimensions with regard to its nature: French bilateral actors, European donors, international donors, national development banks, and, finally, long-term actors aware of the constant changes and the need to seek innovation. While the partnership approach is not new within the Group, this strategy aims to propose a renewed vision in line with the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the new reality of the AFD Group, to identify recommendations that will enable it to be more effective and to acquire a stronger capacity to achieve the impacts it seeks through the mobilization of partners.

Participatory projects