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The Energy Transition is now underway both in developing and developed countries. Driven mainly by technological advances, it is an economic, social and environmental opportunity to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, and an imperative if we are to attain the objectives set by the Paris Climate Agreement. It aims for universal access to low-carbon and resilient energy services.

To respond to these challenges more effectively, AFD Group is adopting a strategy to speed up the Energy Transition in the countries where it operates, in line with the Group’s 2018–2020 Strategy approved in August 2018.

AFD Group is launching an open online consultation so that all stakeholders can vote on, comment on and add to this new Strategy.

“In its 2018-2022 Strategic Orientation Plan, AFD made 5 commitments (100% Paris Agreement, 100% social link, 3D development thinking – defense, diplomacy and development, Non-sovereign first and Partnership by design). These must go hand in hand with 6 major sector transitions. Today, we need you, so that together we develop our first strategic implementation for Energy Transition. Because energy transition can’t take place without social justice, because it is absolutely necessary for meeting the climate and sustainable development objectives we set for ourselves, because it requires us to draw on all good ideas, to join all forces and to work with everyone, AFD intends to take on this role of being France’s development-policy platform aimed at moving towards a world in common”

Rémy Rioux, CEO, AFD.

Whether you live in Paris, Jakarta, Dakar or Mexico City, whether you work in the public or private sector, whether you are the representative of a civil society organisation or an ordinary citizen, whether or not you are an energy expert, we hope that many of you will take part in this consultation!


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